Trimmu Head Jhang Chenab River Flood Update 10-08-2016

Trimmu Head Works Jhang – River Chenab Flood Update 10-08-2016

Jhang / Lahore (Wednesday, 10th August 2016) – Today high level flood was expected in River Chanab at Trimmu Barrage. But now Flood Forecasting Division Lahore, an section of PAKISTAN METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT has told that now medium level flood will be noticed at this barrage.

This most important head works is located in District Jhang in Central Punjab. River Jhelum and River Chenab meet here at upstream. At downstream Chenab River name continue upto Head Punjnad.

Today Flood Update in River Chenab at 06:00 AM is as follows:-

Trimmu Head (Jhang) = 141000 Cusecs Water

Qadirabad Barrage = 89000 Cusecs Water

Khanki Barrage = 92000 Cusecs Water

Head Marala = 88000 Cusecs of Water

Head Punjnad = 65000 Cusecs of Water

Flood Forecasting Division Lahore - FFD PMD
Flood Forecasting Division Lahore – FFD PMD

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