UC List D.G. Khan City Municipal Corporation

UC List Municipal Corporation Dera Ghazi Khan

In D.G. Khan Local Body Elections are being held on December 5, 2015. There are Seventeen Union Councils in the City. While in District Council D.G. Khan 98 UCs exist in Rural Areas of Dera Ghazi Khan. PTI and PMLN are two main groups contesting in this LG elections 2015.  Detail of each UC with related areas of D.G Khan city given bellow:-

Dera Ghazi khan City Detail Map - Result LG Election 2015
Dera Ghazi khan City Detail Map – Result LG Election 2015
Union Council No. 1, Nizam Abad :- Sajjad Abad, Nizam Abad, Block 57, Maqbool Abad, Block 54, Chishty Wala / Tahli Wala, Shah Faisal Colony
Union Council No. 2, Churhatta Sindh Shumali :- Churhatta Chah Samandari Wala, Gulistan-e-Sarwar, Haq Colony
Union Council No. 3, Churhatta Sindh Janubi :-  SCheenay Wala, Chah Bahadur Wala, Chah Tikan Wala / New Model Town, Akhtar Colony / Buzdar Colony, Mehtar Colony
Union Council No. 4, Peer Qatal  :-  Muhallah Peer Qatal Churhatta, Ghareeb Abad Mulla Quaid Shah, Ghareeb Abad Muhallah Peer Qatal, Muhallah Peer Qatal Churhatta Gharbi, Muhallah Peer Qatal Churhatta Sharqi, Ghareeb Abad Block Churhatta, Block No.48, Block No.25, Block “Y”, Block “Z”
Union Council No. 5, Block No. 28 :- Block No.26, Block No.46, Block No.47, Block No.27, Block No.45, Block No.44, Block No.29
Union Council No. 6, Mehboob Abad :- Block No.43, Block No.42, City Town, Shehzada Sultan, Block No.31, Block No.30, Block No.49, Block No.50
Union Council No. 7, Block “H” :-  Block”W”, Block”X”, Block”V”, Block”U”, Block”T”, Block”S”, Block”R”, Block No.41, Block No.33, Block No.40, Block”Q”, Block”M”, Block No.32
Union Council No. 8, Block No. 39 :-  Block”D”, Block”C”, Block No.4, Block No.7, Block No.3, Block No.8, Block No.12, Block No.11, Block No.16, Block No.15, Block”G”, Block”L”, Block”P”, Block No.34
Union Council No. 9, Block No. 5 :- Block No.35, Block No.36, Block-N, Block-J, Block-E, Block-A, GPO Colony, Block-K, Block-O, Block-F, Block-B, Block No.1, Block No.2, Block No.6
Union Council No. 10, Fareed Abad :- Muhallah Shaikhan Wala, Block No.17, Dareeshak Town, Leghari Colony
Union Council No. 11, Muslim Town / Shakir Town :- Rajput Colony, Sikhani Colony, Tahir Town, Qaim Wala Wadani
Union Council No. 12, Khayaban-e-Sarwar :- Khayaban-e-Sarwar Block-A, Block B, Block-C, Factory Area (Pull Datt), Madni Town/Abubakar Town, Gadai Shumali, Gulshan Town, Mohsin Town, Hamid Town / Aleem Town
Union Council No. 13, Gadai Shumali :- Shehzad Colony (Ghalla Mandi), Chah Umar Wala, Chah Kaoray Wala, Chah Mahar Nath Waa, Dakhli/Kharji, Bodla Colony, Nasir Abad Colony
Union Council No. 14, Rukn Abad / Shakoor Abad :- Sports Complex, Qadeer Abad, Rukn Abad, Shamas Abad, Block No.13, Block No.14, Block No.9, Block No.10, Hospital Colony /Canal Colony
Union Council No. 15, Gadai Gharbi :- Bhutta Colony
Union Council No. 16, Model Town :- Model Town Block-X, Block-Z, Block-Y, Ghazi Colony, Allah Abad, Bhutta Colony
Union Council No. 17, Churhatta Pajadh Janoobi :- Behari Colony Block No.38 (Basti Sheikhan/Fidak Colony, Block No.37, Indus Colony, Railway Colony, Gadai Gharbi

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