Union Councils (UC) List in NA 122 & PP 147, PP 148 Lahore

List and Name of UCs in NA 122 & PP 147 Lahore

Lahore (Wednesday, October 7th, 2015) – Local Body election (Badalyati Intikhabaat) are held in Lahore district on October 31, While by elections in NA 122 and PP 147 are being held on Sunday, October 11, 2015. For Local Government Elections Lahore has divided in 274 Union Councils. Lahore Metropolitan Corporation area will be consist of whole district. This time Rural Area are also included in Metropolitan Corporation.

Under NA 122, Following Provincial Assembly Constituencies Exist:- PP-147 and PP-148

List of Union Councils lies in National Assembly Halqa of NA 122 Lahore

Under PP 147 Following Union Council Lies:-

UC# 81 G.O.R

UC# 118 Single Shop

UC# 119 Railway Colony

UC# 120 Dars Chotay Mian

UC# 123 Gharhi Shahu

UC# 124 Burganza Quarters

UC# 172 Bibi Pak Daman

UC# 173 Habib ullah Road

UC# 184 Dry Port Mughal Pura

UC# 185 Syed Saidan Shah

UC# 186 Madni Mohallah Mustafa Abad

Under PP 148 Following Union Council Lies:-

UC# 82 Islamia Park

UC# 83 Bahawalpur House

UC# 84 Pir Ghazi Road Achra

UC# 85 Rehman Pura

UC# 86 New Saman Abad

UC# 87 Muhammad Pura

UC# 88 Kamboh Colony

UC# 89 Nawan Kot Samanabad

UC# 90 Zubaida Park

UC# 91 Dongi Ground Samanabad

UC# 92 Union Park

Areas Map of NA 122, PP 147, PP 148 Lahore
Areas Map of NA 122, PP 147, PP 148 Lahore



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