Visit of Kaghan Valley (Naran, Lake Saif ul Malook & Lulusar, Lalazar, Shogran, Siri and Pai

Trip/Visit of Naran, Lake Saif ul Malook lake, Lalazar, Lulosar Lake, Babusar Top, Shoogran, Siri and Pai

Khagan Valley Visit on Motor Bikes

Multan (Tuesday, July 19th, 2016) – Last week three friends has completed their week long visit of Kaghan Valley. They traveled this journey by Public transport and two motor cycles. The three friends belongs to city of saints “The Multan”. They were Ashraf Ali Qureshi, Ismail Ibrahim and Imran Khan. They traveled almost 900 kilometers on bikes from Mansehra to Islamabad. While rest of journey they completed on AC Bus Service from (Multan to Mansehra & Islamabad to Multan).

When Journey Started?

3 friends start their journey on day of Eid ul Fitr 1437 AH. Motor Bikes loaded on Shalimar Bus Service at Multan General Bus Stand. Fare of Per bike and per passenger was Rs.1000. While Rs.250 was charges to places bikes on roof of bus. Bus reached Mansehra, a city of Hazara region Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at the morning.

Journey on Motor Bikes from Mansehra to Babusar Top and Back to Rawalpindi/Islamabad

After reaching Mansehra, The Motor Bikes  dropped from Bus at General Bus Stand. Then journey on Motor bikes started. Next  five nights and six days they traveled on motor bikes in all over Kaghan Valley  passing through Balakot, Kawai, Paras, Naran, Batakundi, Jalkhad, Lake Lalusar, Babusar Top /Pass, Lalazar, Lake Saif ul Malkook, Shogran, Sri and Paye. They completed 900 Kilometers of journey on motor cycles. after reaching Rawalpindi on July 12th 2016. Motor Bikes were booked in Pakistan Railway for Multan destination Bikes were made of Yamaha and China Company.

Accommodations of 5 Nights in Kaghan Valley
Battakundi Rs.8000/room in a hotel
Jalkhad Rs.3000 in a camp
Lalazar Rs.2000/room in a hotel
Naran Rs.2000/room in a Hotel
Balakot Rs.1000/room in a Hotel

Top Most Locations/Places of Kaghan valley

Three friends has concluded that most attractive places were Babusar Top, Lalazar and Paye


1– It is recommended for the future bike travelers is that the minimum Suzuki Model or Honda 125 is require to use it in hilly and mountainous areas like Kaghan Valley Mansehra.

2- It is also recommended that route that are mud, Snow or stone bounded should be covered by Jeeps. Bikes are not suitable to use like:-

a) Batakundi to Lalazar

b) Naran to Lake Saif ul Mulook

c) Shoogran to Siri & Paye

End of Journey

Three friends reached Multan city early in the morning of Wednesday, 13th July 2016 on AC Bus Service from Rawalpindi.

Cost of Visit

Total Cost of Whole Tour remained at Rs.11500 per head including Public transport fares, Motor bikes Fuel (Petrol), Food and Room Rents.

(Thanks to Ashraf Ali Qureshi Assistant Manager Power Plant at PTCL Multan)

Maps of Kaghan valley

Ashraf Ali Enjoying weather and scene of Babusar Top
Ashraf Ali Enjoying weather and scene of Babusar Top


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